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Ultimate Mastery Clan [UMC]
Active Clan, Trying all WIFI games old and new , Cool members, Have fun, Host tourneys, Wii points in some tourneys, Not all about winning having fun also, Come join us =D

Rank Site In Out
The Hollow Brawlers
0 0
Unleash the Hollow within! We are...The Hollow Brawlers! Our clan is one of the longest surviving Brawl clans out there, continuing since the release of SSBB. Expect friendly competition, and a blast
Pirates of Gaming
0 0
This is the Pirates of Gaming. We're a friendly gaming clan for competetive games for the Wii and PS3. We accept members who can play at all skill levels. Come in and join our crew!
The Outcasts
0 0
A new site for Brawl and MKW.
Brawl Legends
0 0

We don't back down, We won't fail to loose, We will make History.
Angel Of Darkness
0 0
We are a cool clan accepting all members that are good/Pro we will have this clan back up in runing faster then ever so plz join the dark side of brawl
No Clan
0 0
Retro Brawlers Clan
0 0

A New brawl clan, we the admins are always on awaiting new members.
Soul Stealers
0 0
we are the Soul Stealers come join our clan site
Final Force Frontier
0 0
Hello this is my brawl clan. The clan is not known but hope that we can get active members and have Final Force as a great site for many bralwers!!
MMORPG warofhell game
0 0

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

0 0
0 0
smah it
0 0
BRAWL till the end
Rogue Alliance Brawl Clan
0 0
We are a brand new clan currently under construction. We do not accept war requests yet, but I can assure you, we will soon.
Super Piranha
0 0
This Clan is BRAND NEW! Please join, we need recruits!!!! For info,
Crimson Brigade
0 0
We are Crimson Brigade! We are fairly new but looking for strong recruits. We are not just a warring clan, we are a family. We will also be holding clan tournaments as we get new members.
Legendary Brawlerz
0 0
The Legendary Brawlerz are alive and reborn. We are awaiting new members to add to our roster of brawlers. Participate in our tournaments as well. Come join us, the legend starts here.
Legion of Doom
0 0
We are the Legion of Doom. A Super Smash Bros. Brawl Clan. Join us!
Destination Warriors
0 0
A fun and exiting brawl clan always looking for new memebers. We offer tournies and wars often. And we try to be the top on top 100 and wifi alliance. So join (DW) today!
Ultimate Mastery Clan [UMC]
0 0
Active Clan, Trying all WIFI games old and new , Cool members, Have fun, Host tourneys, Wii points in some tourneys, Not all about winning having fun also, Come join us =D
Ritous Brawl Squad
0 0
We are a very skilled brawl clan and we also do Mario Kart Wii too.
The Soul Brawlers Clan(TSBC)
0 0
This is a brand new clan...nothing much to say... We are a bunch of brawlers who like to have fun. We play to become stronger and better. We want ~TSBC~ to become the most active Brawl Clan on the Net
Diamond Team
0 0
Scion Knights
0 0
We are the Scion Knights. We are currently looking for new members to join our clan. We have clan wars and tournaments often so check our site out or even try out.
0 0
brawl till you fall
Majestic Tragedy
0 0
Majestic Tragedy wishes to extend an invitation to those of you who'd like to join. We mainly center around Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but are willing to expand into any other game provided we gain eno
Sacred 7
0 0
We give no mercy
DinoX Clan
0 0
DinoX IS NOT DEAD! DinoX took a temporary break, but we're back, I assure you. AT least I am, please, if you're looking for a clan, there's not better than this one. We are active, here the date is
0 0
We are an old brawl clan all the way back in March 08. Join us and you'll get 5% off long distance calling to all nationwide countries!!!... And we also have divisions like MKWII,Naruto Clash of Ninj
0 0
We are Back and Gaining our Reputation and recruiting the best brawlers around

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